Dealing with Death.

Shelby - Tiskilwa, Illinois
Entered on May 27, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: death

I’m only a teenager but I have gone through hard times. Two summers ago everything was going fine until my grandpa had a heart attack. My grandpa drove himself to the hospital where the doctor sent him home. I was so mad at the doctor, but I finally realized that God wanted my grandpa to go to a better hospital, and he did. When my grandpa heard what the doctor had said, he wanted to go to Saint Francis Medical Center, in Peoria, and he did get there. When he arrived at the hospital, they ran some tests and saw that he had four clogged arteries in his heart, two in his kidney, and one in each hip. The first thing they wanted to do was remove the four clogged arteries in his heart. So the next day my grandpa underwent a quadruple bypass surgery. I was so scared then but now I realized that God wouldn’t let my grandpa die if it wasn’t his time. After the surgery my grandpa was hooked up to all these tubes so he couldn’t speak. I remember going to see him every weekend and having a smile on, but in the back of my mind I was praying to God that he would be okay. Slowly, he was getting better and one day he was taken out of I.C.U. and put into a normal room. Sadly, that didn’t last long because a couple of days before Father’s Day he was taken back to I.C.U. That was the last time I saw him when I gave him a Father’s Day card. As I was saying goodbye, he made me a promise, and I’m trying to keep it today. It was the day before Father’s Day when my dad pulled up into the drive and said, “Your grandpa has passed away.” I was so numb and it stung so bad that I couldn’t even cry.

My grandfather may be gone but I still got a belief from his last few days, and it is God always has a plan even though it may not be the one you want for that person. But God’s plan is better for the person in need. I believe this because I wanted my grandpa to stay alive but he was suffering. It was better that he passed away instead of having to take all that medicine, and possibly be in pain. I keep this belief with me and apply it to all things and I try to tell it to other people, too.