I Miss My Grandma

david - Princeton, Illinois
Entered on May 27, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: death

A few weeks ago on April 25, 2008 one day after my birthday my grandma died at St. Johns Hospital in Springfield Illinois at 4:52 A.M. It was horrible for my mom and the rest of the family. I believe that losing a family member isn’t fun

After school that day I was on my way home when I got a phone call from my mom saying that my grandma died because the cancer had spread to far in her body.

The day I first went and saw her it was Friday night at eleven o’clock I was at my dads when my mom called and told me that I needed to get to the hospital right away because she wasn’t doing to good and that if she found out that I wasn’t there she would have gotten mad and threw a fit. When I got there I found the room that she was in and I walked up to her and gave her a hug. After that the doctors had to move her up to another room for over night. While I was there for a couple of days she wasn’t able to eat anything at all and she didn’t like it.

After my forth time being there I decided to walk around the hospital and all the way on the top floor in the hospice area they have a really nice flat screen TV in the waiting room. It was really fun walking around the hospital and I don’t know why but it was interesting looking out the window on the top floor. Also while we were in Springfield I stayed at a hotel with my sister, mom and my younger cusion Bry then he stayed at the hotel with us and we went swimming and played soccer. After my Bry left I went back to my dads and then my mom came and picked me up and I went home.

Later on that week on the twenty fifth I was on my way home when I got a phone call from my mom telling that my grandma had died at 4:52 A.M. Now everyone is taking this better and on the 20th we are letting balloons go for her birthday.