Lance - Tiskilwa, Illinois
Entered on May 27, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe in setting goals and working towards them to accomplish them, even if they seem very hard. Whenever I think of something that I want to be able to do, I start out with small goals and gradually build them up. A few years ago, I saw some of my friends juggle. When I watched them, it made me want to be able to throw three balls in the air without dropping them, also. They offered to teach me how to juggle. I started out small, with just two balls, and gradually got better and better until I could juggle without messing up for a while.

I like to be able to do things that the average person can’t do. Because I set small goals and gradually build them up, I can accomplish these things with a lot of practice. Now, I can ride a unicycle, solve a Rubik’s cube which is a puzzle with intricate steps in less than a minute and a half, juggle (not while on a unicycle, though), and spin a basketball on my finger. My family thinks I’m crazy that I choose to attempt these things that seem very hard, but I welcome the challenge. If somebody says I can’t do something that I know I could do, I want to be able to do it even more.

I believe in working towards goals to the full extent. I believe that if I encounter a small or large problem, I should be able to work through or around it somehow. I believe in the power of patience, which is what I need whenever I work on something challenging. If I didn’t have the patience to sit down and think about the hardships I faced, there would be no way I could have accomplished these feats.

I believe in setting goals to accomplish feats that may have seemed very hard. I believe in making small goals, accomplishing them, and then setting larger goals until I completely finish what I set out to do. Whenever I finish the feat I set out to do, I start thinking of another to try to do. By starting out with small goals, anything is possible. This I believe.