Alasdair - westport, Connecticut
Entered on May 27, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: pleasure

I believe in sleep. Sleep is sooooooooo awesome. Part of its excellence is the mystery that surrounds the exact reason for it. I have learned over the course of 18 years on this earth that sleep refreshes us; it recharges and gets us ready for a new day. But why I do it, what makes me fall into a world of imagination for 7 or 8 hours at a time, is still a mystery to me, as it is for the entire human race.

Then there is the healing aspect of sleep. I never really considered sleep to be a healer; the motto “You can sleep when you’re dead” was something I took to heart. I used to never sleep; I’d stay up late watching movies or surfing the internet, just generally messing around .That was before I got sick with a staph infection. It was the winter term of my ninth grade year, and all of a sudden as if by magic, I would start to feel drowsy in the middle of class; it was ridiculous, for the first couple of days I felt as though someone had drugged me. I started going to bed earlier and earlier, I remember at one point I started going to sleep after study hall got out, right at nine thirty. Eventually, it got worse and I started falling asleep during class, which isn’t the greatest thing in the world. I remember My history teacher would wake me up, tell me to take a walk around the building and get a drink of water before I came back to class since his class was the one I always passed out in. Then there was the day I got kicked out of English. Because of this, I had to go see the dean. His secretary told me he wasn’t in, so I went into a room just to the right of his office, and sat down on a couch. Eventually I fell asleep, and when I awoke, I took a quick look at my watch. My watch read 5:13pm. The English class I had to leave had started at 9:00am. I had slept eight hours and fifteen minutes away. That’s not just one or two classes, but my entire day. All my classes, lunch, and wrestling practice. It was at that point when I decided that I needed to go to the nurses to get some help with this, because I was obviously sick. The nurses had a doctor brought in, which was a big deal since my school was way up in the middle of nowhere. The doctor ended up diagnosing me with a sinus infection, and immediately I felt better since I thought I knew what I was dealing with. I started taking the meds, and after about two weeks, I knew that something wasn’t right because I kept falling asleep in class. So I called up my mother, and that weekend she brought me home so I could get blood drawn. So I got my blood drawn, and after three days the tests came back. I had a staph infection in my blood. The only antidote? One tiny pill a day and as much sleep as I could get for two solid weeks.

It was during these two weeks that I discovered the wonder of sleep. During that time while I was recuperating, my friends were going to school, taking tests listening to lectures, I was sleeping an average 14 hours a day and enjoying every second of it. It was then that I discovered I wanted to be a bum. I just realized that this was the best part of life, sleeping and just being lazy in general. From here on in I was on the fast track to retirement, I started trying in school, doing all my work and actually applying myself in the hope that this hard work pays off so I can retire by the time I’m 30. And I couldn’t have come to this realization without sleep. I can only hope that the next twelve years before I chose to put down the pen and call it a career are as filled with sleep as I’ve made the last four.