I Believe in Balance

Stacey - Blue Bell, Pennsylvania
Entered on May 27, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe in balance- the equilibrium of things. I believe that only through balance can true happiness and a healthy state of mind be achieved. Now, it may seem difficult to accomplish this so-called “yin” and “yang” in your daily life, but if considered properly, it can and should only be a simple task in your lifestyle. I didn’t realize this through one defining moment; one instance that changed my life. On the contrary, I developed this idea gradually as a result of several incidences that concluded that balance was the answer.

One of which occurred when I turned sixteen, eligible for a driver’s license. My personal feeling was that once I turned on the engine, my life was on the line. I was too scared to immediately dive into the driver’s seat. After so many attempts, I learned to drive, and learned real freedom and control. This was a great thing, yet still, I knew it was too easy to get carried away. Fear is something that I shouldn’t let drive me, if you will. However, living with caution is necessary.

Another time in my life when I saw that balance was good was at the beginning of my senior year. By then, I had detached myself from my family. Having a job and being able to drive, I felt so independent. Suddenly, I was in desperate need of my family again. College applications, essays, SAT’s, and schoolwork piled up all at once. I found that my family’s support would ultimately give me the encouragement to do what I had to do.

My last example is most personal and it will be hard to describe with out sounding too pathetic, but I will try my best. Last year, I got into an argument with one of my closest friends. I was sure of myself that I was right. I let my pride get in the way of our friendship. After a few months of ignoring each other, we finally decided that the whole dispute was based on miscommunication. Though it is important to stand up for yourself, it is more so important to be fair and have an open mind. Having not listened to her earlier, our relationship never returned to what it was before. Though this is something I regret, I learned from it.

These are only a few of the many experiences where I discovered the key to life.

It is through everything. Whether it be with pride, trust, independence, family. It is essential to have a good balance. And, this I believe.