This I Believe

Ben - princeton, Illinois
Entered on May 27, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

This I Believe

I believe that there should not be fighting over being president. It wastes time and money that could have gone to something useful. Why do they need thousands of commercials to state their opinion? Why can’t they have just one commercial that states all their opinions and what they want to achieve? There should be no Electoral Collage that decides who is president and who is not after all the voting.

When candidates have a lot of commercials, they can spend a lot of money that could have gone to better causes. It could have gone to people in Africa that are starving or have gone to the homeless. It also takes away from T.V programs and radio. Why do they need a thousand of commercials anyway? There should be just maybe two commercials that state why they want to be president and what they would do as president. It would save more money and time. There should not be a thousand of commercials, it wastes time and money.

Why do we need an Electoral Collage to decide who is president and who is not president? There shouldn’t be a thing that decides who is president after all the fighting and debating that they do. Personally, I just think that’s what they want to happen.

No one should fight over president it wastes money and time. No one Collage should decide who is going to make all of the important decisions in your life.