Not Sharing What You Believe In

Alexandra - Princeton, Illinois
Entered on May 27, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe in not sharing what I believe in; or at least, not the major issues. Not that I don’t enjoy a good debate, but every time I’ve shared what I believe in it only gets me into trouble.

When I was six I had a best friend. We were as close as first graders could be until one day she asked me if I believed in God. It was a bad place to be put in at such a young age because I didn’t know back then that people were so attached to their beliefs. Now I understand why she stormed away from me and never spoke to me again when I said, “No, why would I think a silly thing like that?”

Luckily most small children have short-term memories so they quickly forgot all about my playground scandal, but years later I had nearly the exact same thing happen. I had a really good friend I spoke to online every day after she moved away from our school. We were best friends for a while, if you could call it that. I mean, I felt safe telling her everything since she lived so far away. Then one day, the taboo topic came up. She asked me about my religion. I wouldn’t have been so uneasy if she didn’t go to a Christian Academy. I told her I didn’t believe in anything, and she stopped talking to me forever on after that.

If I don’t tell people what I think, they can’t dislike me for it. I think the world would be happier if everyone just accepted other people and didn’t press them about their beliefs. Even at the age of thirteen I am still faced with people who cut contact with me after they force me to answer the one question: Do you believe in God? So now my answer to them is: This I believe, in not sharing my beliefs.