Alex - Lakeside, California
Entered on May 26, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe in learning something new from each individual.

Last summer I thought I had nothing to look forward to in the next year, due to the fact many of my friends were leaving and I had already met everyone I wanted to. I was dreading the new year; I spent a lot of time thinking about how boring and dull it would be. As the year began I didn’t meet anyone that interested me and I was being pessimistic to change, but as the year progressed I found myself being more open to people and less cynical about things. After the change I was aware that everyone around me had something to teach me. Not only was I meeting new people and learning lessons from them, but I was also sharing things with them and letting them in on my life. I went from thinking there was nothing to look forward to, to having a better situation then I had before hand.

Every person you encounter in your life can teach you something; whether they have been your best friend for 30 years, your parent your whole life, or a taxi cab driver you spent a maximum of 15 minutes with, every person has the ability to impact you and change your views. If you ask people about their stories and actually listen, you can learn much more than you ever could alone. You will be learning from mistakes without actually making mistakes; you will be hearing about something that you may never have the chance, time, or money to do for yourself. Their stories may only be stories but if you listen carefully you can get a deeper meaning than just a mere story, you can visualize and experience it very lucidly.

You need to have an open and free thinking mind, you must be able to appreciate other beliefs and respect the fact that not everyone thinks the same because of the way they have been brought up. By asking people about their experiences you will affect other individuals as well, they will learn from you and you can tell your story. After all it’s our differences that make us who we are, not our similarities. I believe in learning something new from each and every person, this I believe.