Dejan - Vista, California
Entered on May 26, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: hope

I believe in believing. For it is believing that keeps us all going in the long run. To have belief in ones friends, family, lovers, and, most importantly, ones self. Belief is what keeps us all going during those bad days. Also, it helps us deal with life itself. One can have a belief that all the work and effort put forth will get one somewhere. To believe in anything has become a way to find hope. The belief in a god or faith brings a certain purpose to a life that seems to have none. To believe is to live, it would seem. A vast ocean of doubt and hopelessness may be filled by one single droplet of belief.

Belief breeds life and it breeds hope. In my early childhood years, my life was full of fear and doubt mainly because the uncertainty that surrounded me like the vast fog that envelops London at times. I found belief when I was forced to hope that by huddling onto a plane with my mother and father i would be safe and that I would find peace in a new country. That belief came true, and has led me to believe in many things. Mainly that when one door closes one door opens at the end of the dimly lit hallway that is life. What a bleak existence it would be if a new door didn’t open and we became trapped in the dim light, but it is belief that I believe is the key that forces the new door open.

And as we all seek the hope, or in some cases the light, to believe is to push through our obstacles. The very truth of it all is that by sitting around and doing nothing, believing in nothing will ultimately end the meaning to our lives.

Moreover, life is full of sorrow. But it is through belief that we find the happiness through the chaos. In a world that has nothing more to offer than darkness, the very essence of belief contains the light that guides each and everyone of us toward our destinies. And thus I believe in believing.