Brightest of the Bunch

Mary Catherine - Collierville, Tennessee
Entered on May 26, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

At age ten I wasn’t the brightest of the bunch. I dramatically struggled with reading simple literature, pronouncing small words, and most of all spelling. As I grew, things still came slower to me than most people my age. Then in middle school I was tested and sure enough diagnosed with the common ADD. I refused to take medicine because I had confidence that God created me with ADD for a reason and that medicine would only allow me to perform half of what I was capable of achieving on my own. Though I grew up a little on the slow side, I learned very quickly that I still had the potential of accomplishing anything I wanted. I believe that despite disabilities or such other circumstances that each individual has potential to accomplish their goals.

As time went on I learned that in order to make the grades I wanted I had to push myself much harder than others. I grew frustrated with myself at times and hated the fact that I would always be slower than others. However, after a few years of constant study habits and determination, I adapted to a new learning environment. After fighting what felt like a war, I started to notice a dramatic change in my grades and attitude. I was more sociably and understood simple concepts much easier than before. I was finally catching on.

Though I have been told that children who have ADD are porn to grow out of it as young adults, I don’t believe that was the case with me. I still struggle with comprehension and spelling more than my peers and I take just as long to read a page in a book as I did as a child. However, I am no longer irritated with who I am. I had a belief as a child that I could learn to make good grades myself and that is what I did. I have learned that it is much more pleasing when you know you have pushed yourself and you are rewarded with satisfaction. I now know that I am capable of over coming my biggest and most frustrating obstacles. I apply this belief to many things I do in life, and though I still fall short of expectation once in a while I am still proud of the grades I now make. I am satisfied.