This I Believe

Briana - Indio, California
Entered on May 26, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

My best friend and I went to Disneyland for spring break. I’m assuming even if you have never been to Disneyland you can imagine how crowded it is. We were walking through all the people just trying to keep our sanity when I burst out saying how I wanted to shoulder check someone very badly. Shoulder checking is when you take your shoulder and thrust it into someone else’s shoulder with great force causing them to jolt backwards. Where were from it is incredibly disrespectful, but we had had enough with other people disrespecting us.

My best friend said how she was going to do that too. Then she said her and her mom were talking about how rude it was to do that. Her mom said, “Luz one day your going to do that to the wrong person”. Being the way that I am I stated that we could take anyone and that there would be no more problems. Luz started laughing and said that her mom ment that she would do it to someone who was having a really bad day and flip out or something.

That really got me to start thinking about kindness. If everyone in the world cared about everyone else think about the drastic changes that would make. There would be no murder because everyone would care about another person losing a loved one. There would be no temptation of murder because everyone would just get along. There would be no genocide or wars because everyone would just understand other peoples problems and try to help. It is kind of cliché to want this, but if you really think about it it could do the world a great deal of help.

So next time someone cuts you off when your driving or makes a rude comment try a little forgiveness and try to put yourself in their shoes. It might make a world of difference even for a minute or a simple thing as someone cutting you off. You never know it may lead to greater differences and end up solving all of our problems.