Smiling is Contagious

Lauren - Pleasant Grove, Utah
Entered on May 26, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

When I was little, my dad and I would go to get drinks at the local circle K. He would smile and say hello, or give a little wave, to the people passing by. My dad had one of those warm smiles, where I knew that he truly meant it. I would ask, “Who was that?” He would reply, “I don’t know pumpkin, just saying hello.” I was too little to bother with it then, but as I grew older and I little bit wiser, I realize that it didn’t matter if I’d known the person anymore than I may have known my own sister. In my father’s eyes everyone was equal. Every person deserved courtesy, no matter the kind of car they drove, or how much money they made in a year. Service is something that money can’t buy. All you need is a smile to start off something magnificent.

After that experience I thought of a little experiment. I would test to see if people would smile back at me, regardless of how strange, or uncomfortable it felt. Whether it was driving in the car with my mom, or playing at the park. I vowed not to stop smiling unless I got one in return. Even though my jaw hurt at the end of the day I learned that smiling was truly contagious. It’s like they always say, “Seeing is believing.”

Sometimes I find that it’s hard to notice the little stuff, the things that I do every day. Breathing, blinking, or even walking. But one thing I do notice is when I smile. When I’m smiling everything seems to be okay, all is right in the world. Anyone can smile right? Smiling is a universal language virtually anyone can do it. Although, the times when it’s most genuine, when you really mean it, is when it’s the most affective. I believe that smiling is contagious and making smiling a habit, when it comes as easy as breathing, can change the world.