I am More Than Judgements

Jeremy - Lincoln, California
Entered on May 25, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

This I Believe

I believe in myself, individuality. It was an ordinary high school day. I met my girlfriend and a few of my other friends until the bell rang, beckoning us to class. That is where ordinary faded. I walked into my first class only to be greeted with stares and pointed fingers followed by laughing. The previous evening I had gotten a labret piercing (just below the lip in the center) and of course it was swollen, but it was the little chrome ball protruding from my flesh that received the attention, as well as my plague pants, which are like parachute pants.

I had no more time than to take my seat when the first insult rang out, “Freak!” It was followed by laughter and the teacher calming the class. This was my daily routine, insulted for being myself, different, and I let it roll off like water off of a duck. I refuse to be ashamed of myself, I have no reason to be, I am more than what can be seen. The acceptable types, be it jock, prep, or any other stereotype, I fit none of them. Therefore I was nothing more than fly paper to insults, attracted to me, hoping they would stick. However, what the eyes judge, is not always true. My grades are above most of the class, I have friends that were more truly caring, and I can honestly say, I am a nicer person.

I am now a senior at Whitney High School; I am part of the first graduating class. Most of the campus knows me, whether it be by my neon pink and green shoes, or by any of my other eccentricities, or simply because I extended a caring hand. The insults are now few and far between and only slung by those who do not know me as a person. I am me, and proud of what I have become, both inside and out, unashamed of my looks or thoughts.

The constant attempts to tear me down have done nothing more than prove to myself and others my strength, endurance, and refusal to become anything other than what and who I want to be. I believe in my own mind, my own heart, and myself.