What is Perfection?

Thomas - Pittsburg, California
Entered on May 24, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

The pursuit of perfection is becoming the Gentle Giant.

The Gentle Giant is swift, muscular, intelligent, and powerful, yet has the ability to hold a cricket in his hand without harming it. He has the strength to shape the world around him, yet does not lift a finger to do so. His thoughts act as his hands, his words act as his bullets, and weapons are medieval waste to him. He kills others with kisses rather than cannons. He hunts others with hugs rather than handguns. The Gentle Giant fights to achieve peace, yet he is not a hypocrite. The peace he achieves is a peace within himself. He believes that peace is contagious and by being kind to himself and others, the world will be kind to itself.

The Gentle Giant believes that people are fundamentally good. He believes that actions get in the way of intentions and that no one on this earth deserves to die no matter what they may do. The Gentle Giant believes in both Karma and the Golden Rule. He believes that one’s actions, whether positive or negative, shape the true identity of oneself. The Gentle Giant believes in retribution, but not in the form anyone on this great earth can comprehend. He believes that only the Heavens have the power to do such a deed. The Gentle Giant truly believes that everything (and he means everything!) on this earth has a purpose. He believes that everything from the smallest kitten to the grandest of trees was put here to better the world.

The Gentle Giant also believes that there are things that he just cannot understand. He believes that there is a power in the great beyond, just one that he cannot get close to in his present form. He believes that society is an enigma not meant to be solved, and that some things are better left alone. He believes that his only purpose on this earth is to merely help those around him, nothing more.

The Gentle Giant believes that he should live up to his name.

I strive to be the Gentle Giant.