A Helpful Chance

Shanna - San Angelo, Texas
Entered on May 24, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe you have to take every helpful chance you are given Sometimes, you might not realize that there is a chance, so that’s kind of half my problem. The other half, deciding on whether the chance is harmful or helpful, is a hard one.

It could be a harmful or a helpful chance. Your own judgement will have to tell you the difference. Sometimes, my judgement isn’t the greatest. Everyday, we have a chance to stand up for someone or something. People ‘kid’ with each other but it might actually hurt their feelings. You could stand up for them. That’s a big chance we could take, even more, it’s a helpful chance. On the flip side, everyday, we have the chance to make fun, a harmful chance. That’s just one example with two sides of chances and we all have a choice.

I missed a lot of chances that I really should’ve taken. In basketball games I had numerous time to push myself just a little bit harder, go just a little bit faster. Most of the games I thought that about, we lost. There was one time when I really missed a chance.

Every other Sunday, my family and I always go to my grandmother’s house. One of my cousins had just had a baby. On that certain Sunday, my mom being the kind of person she is, wouldn’t let anyone else hold that baby for more than ten minutes. It made me laugh. My mom fed her, burbed her, changed her, and held her basically the whole entire day. I wasn’t really worried, it’d get my chance either later that day or in two weeks. My mom actually asked me if I wanted to hold her, but I declined. I’d have the chance later.

I never got that chance. That next Tuesday morning, my mom wasn’t home. My dad was in the kitchen, and I sat down for breakfast. Then he told me that the baby died. I didn’t finish my breakfast.

Looking back on the Sunday, I wish I had held her. I held her other weeks, but just one more time to remember her by. Now all I remember is a little girl in the casket that looked like a baby doll.

That certain time of my life has led me to believe what I believe today. Death is never good, but the death of a baby doesn’t make since. Everyday I try to take any chance I can get Life can be short, and I don’t want to waste it. Besides you never know if you’ll get that chance again.

Sometimes, to take a chance won’t be at all popular. But since I believe in taking chances, a helpful chance would be to find real friends that don’t care if you’re popular or not. That’s worth it to me.