This I Believe

Dominique - kent, Washington
Entered on May 24, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Has someone ever tried to buy your love? I believe that money can not truly make you happy. Happiness consists of many things, such as, love, spirituality, and true friends. In my life, I’ve been through all three, friendship, being in love, and spirituality. For example, I lost a friend over money; I had spirituality towards basketball, and being in love with this boy and not his money. Money is not something you can use to achieve having a good friendship, being spiritual, and being in love, these are earned values.

Love isn’t a material object; it’s a feeling you have for someone or something, so money can not buy love. Love comes from the heart, not from buying someone’s love. I’m in love with this guy named James. James and I have been through so much together. For example, when we first got together, he took me out to eat, to the movies, and bought me jewelry and CDs. It made me think that he was trying to buy my love. It took three months, and then it occurred to me that he was there for me, and money was nothing to him. Money is not for love, it’s for material things. In addition to love, spirituality can’t be bought either.

Spirituality is related to your soul that is the opposite of material things, so money can’t buy your spirituality. Faith and what you believe in are components of what I think about spirituality. For instance, once was very faithful with basketball, but lost the passion for it because I found something I’m better at, cosmetology, because I feel more comfortable. It makes me feel unique because I’m not like most girls that play basketball, and want to play in the WNBA, I have different dreams, becoming a cosmetologist. I think spirituality involves strong emotions that can’t be replaced by money. It’s all your own, and nothing is more unique than that. Like your individual spirituality, money can not acquire true friends.

A true friend is someone you can trust and, and it can’t be paid for. I’ve had genuine friends, who were wealthy. In middle school, a friend of mine thought I was only there because of her money. In particular, she offered me a $1.00 one day for lunch, at first I declined, but she insisted, when I didn’t pay her back, she thought I was only using her, so we haven’t talked since then. I wish she didn’t feel like she had to buy me, but everything happens for a reason, so it probably wasn’t a valid of a friendship. I’ve learned that money can tear friendships apart rather than build them.

I think that money can not buy someone’s true happiness. Happiness comes from many aspects of your life, such as love, spirituality, and friendships. I’ve noticed that if there is one thing that I’ve learned from life experiences, it is that money isn’t everything, and happiness is something you should try to achieve without it.