I Belive!!

Brian - west linn, Oregon
Entered on May 23, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Great buildings were never constructed on uncertain foundations. Faith has always been at the foundation of any meaningful practice or endeavor. The only thing we have to, need to, require to, because our lives do depend on it, is ask. Sincerely ask, pray, study, look, and with faith, with work, we shall find. I believe in prayer. I know it is a two way communication between me and my God. We need the help of Someone far wiser, far more powerful than we are. I believe in the concept of speaking with our Eternal Father in the name of His son. The great thing about prayer is that it is personal. We can ask for important things that mean so much to us in our life.

I believe I am a child of God. I believe deeply in the principle that each of us is a child of God where race, bank accounts or standing in society does not matter. We are all his children and should treat each other as family. He gave me the gift of knowledge. By no means am I a brilliant man. Neither am I better than any other. I simply have asked, and found. Many men have done it before, and there will always be more that do. The problems we face in our world are greater than any of us can solve with our own wisdom. I believe God can inspire to make the world better.

There are a lot of things I don’t know, the most important thing that I have learned is you cannot abandon what you know for what you don’t know. I don’t know how or why the wind blows, but I do know that it does, that it has an influence in the world. I am always looking deeper for the answers to life’s questions, but I never let them destroy the beliefs that I already have. There is no greater thing we can do than to increase our faith in God and receive answers from Him through regular personal prayer. I have had many answers come into my mind that I know where not my own but were inspired from a higher power. I believe that higher power to be my Savior, Jesus Christ.