Honesty. Something I strongly believe in

Stacy - SunPrairie, Wisconsin
Entered on May 23, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: integrity

Honesty. Something to Live By

Honesty. Something I strongly believe in. What is honesty? It is being true; keeping your word; not making up a sinario and most importantly not trying to make people believe that your make believe is true.

Honesty. Don’t lie to impress people. Most of time you lie for that reason they find out you lied and they don’t like you for being so fake. Being your self is being honest and if they don’t like you for who you are then they are not real friends.

Don’t lie to buy time. It’s just wrong. “Well I was trying to do my homework but when I went to print I found out I was out of ink so I will turn it in a little late after I get ink.” Why would you do that if it is your fault you didn’t get it done in the first place. If that is your problem learn to budget your time not learn new excuses for the future.

Most importantly don’t lie for sympathy. It just makes me sick! “(Sniffles) My dog just died today.” “Oh my gosh I am so sorry.” Why would you get the satisfaction of hearing sorry if they are really saying sorry for no reason? I mean if you need to lie just to hear sorry then you need help.

One more thing I know that lying may be the easy road out sometimes but its wrong. Just tell the truth some people may just cut you some slack for telling the truth but if they don’t you wont have to live knowing the fact you lied to stay out of the boxing rink. Honesty is always the right road. Plus if it was something that you could get into trouble for if they find out later you will most likely get into more trouble for lying.

The worst thing about lying is once you start a lie you need to make up more lies to cover your tracks or hide the lie from others to find out.

I believe in honesty. My thing is you lie to me once and I’ll give you a second chance but if you like to me again is either buh-bye or I really cant trust you anymore until you prove me otherwise. The more you lie the more you damage bonds that you have with other people. It’s like cutting down a tree. Each time you lie you saw down more and more of the tree until the tree falls. The tree is your bond and like the tree is broken you bond becomes broken.