I Believe Statement…

Cassy - Sun Prarie, Wisconsin
Entered on May 23, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I Believe Statement…

I believe in many things. People say there are many things in the world to believe in. To me there is only one at the top of the list, and that one is to believe in yourself. Don’t worry about what people think, or how they react towards you. YOU are the important one.

I always kind of was a little bit unsure of myself… okay I admit I used to have no clue who I was. The definition of me was as simple as: Cassy born and raised in Wisconsin, and leave it at that. Now that I have gotten older I still wonder who I really am. One thing I know for sure is I believe in myself.

People really bite in middle school; by this I mean kids can be really cruel. Which makes me worry even more about high school, yet I know I need to stay confident in myself. As I grew up my father wasn’t around for much. I always had to go to my mom for stuff, when I really needed my dad for some things.

I believe in many things. Some things people wouldn’t understand. Things like trust, happiness, and god. I believe in my family so much. My family is my life; from my grandparents to my baby cousin. I love my family, and believe in them just as much as they believe in me.

So what I am trying to throw at you is that being true to yourself is believing. So never give up. No matter who is cruel in middle school, no matter how unsure you are of yourself. NEVER give up.

I believe in me, Cassy born and raised in Wisconsin.