I believe in music.

Madaline - Whitefish Bay, Wisconsin
Entered on May 23, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe in music. I believe in the rise and fall of the notes, the power in my hands as I bring them to life and give them a voice. It gives me salvation when I’m upset, a small fortress from my anger and frustration. Music is drastically underestimated as something insignificant, mere entertainment. Background noise. Very rarely is music given its true description: a small escape from the burdens of life, two or three minutes of beautiful distraction. Music is a form of communication unlike any other. Anyone can speak through just plain words, but there will, on rare occasion, be someone who can not just speak, but communicate. They are the ones who can give words meaning and life, pick them up and let them rise as notes and rhythm, give them voices.

All over the world, people make music. The different languages and tongues intertwine and separate within the melodies, the beats traveling from frantic to languid and back again. Each song, each verse is a representation of the rich culture of its homeland, spreading it further each time it is sung. The beats are unique to each region, dancing along to exotic melodies. Music from all over the world emphasizes the pride of the country, and creates a unity that cannot be attained through words alone.

Music gives sudden strength and hope to those for which it seemed impossible. The sound of voices joining together in unison, or even a single voice rising up, can block out all other noise and despair from the hearts and minds of anyone in a dire situation. It is always a small comfort to know that people can take away your dignity, your confidence, your faith, but they will never be able to take away the song in your heart. That is the one possession you can never lose, the only thing that will stay with you your whole life through.

Music is salvation, it is expression, and it is a gift. It is my constant companion, and my one possession I can never lose. It is there when I am upset or angry. Though many things will always come and go throughout my life, it will always stay, because music never dies. This I believe.