The Influence On You

Shawn - Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey
Entered on May 23, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: family

The Influence on You

I believe that both children and parents have to play a role in what is right for children, and who and what will influence them. Many people that I know think that it is only the parent’s job to watch what their children are doing. Children should also be responsible as well as adults, because they can influence themselves as much as parents can.

A few weeks ago, my friend and I walk into a video game store. We were second in line, behind a mother and her children. Both of her children couldn’t have even been 12 years old. They were purchasing a game, and as the clerk rung it up, he read the reasons why the game was rated “mature” to the mother. She barely even listened to the clerk. When he was finished, the woman said “It’s fine, my kids have seen much worse”. My friend and I look at each other. We were both amazed at how ignorant the mother was, and we both knew that the game she was purchasing for her children would definitely play a role in influencing them. We talked about it as we got home, and that’s how I realized how important it is for parents to play roles in children’s influence.

That same week, I went over to another friend’s house. He had a little brother, and he was sitting on the couch, watching television. As I watched him navigate through all the shows, he stopped at a movie that was rated “R”. I was again amazed. I found it completely irresponsible that the parents wouldn’t put a parental lock on those kinds of shows, and how the child didn’t tell the parents what he was watching, or check to make sure if it was ok that he was watching it. I always have to make sure what I am able to watch, and my parents have a lock set on the television. I couldn’t believe how some people can just go through life not caring what influences them or others.

Because of the things that had happened to me in that past week, I decided to test my parents. I had always thought that they had played a great role in what has influenced me, so I needed to make sure. We went to an electronics store and I head over to the video games section. I ask my parents if we can buy a game. It was rated “mature” for a number of things. My parents looked at the box and all the things it was rated that way for. They said I couldn’t buy it because of the things it had in the game. I was very satisfied. My parents had passed my test, and I was very happy. I guess I had gained my belief through the ways of my parents.

All in all, I still believe that both parents and children should take care on what they do and what they see. It can definitely affect them when they are older. It’s not only up to the parents to make sure however, because the children can affect what influences that as well. I think about this every time I see kids playing mature rated video games, watching “R” rated movies, and when they’re walking down the street pretending to shoot each other with fake guns. This is my belief.