Jacqueline - SSF, California
Entered on May 22, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: hope

I believe in destiny. If I see him again, it’s destiny. He reminds me of the semi-sweet dark chocolates I buy for long trips which most people don’t like. The taste is just like the way we met and departed; bitter-sweet.

And now all I can do is remember… The white shirt accentuated his skin glistening with sweat. His breath cut short from stomping and he held onto the railing as he followed the flashing lights on the screen.

He was pretty good. I wanted to try the game but I was hesitant to do so. There was a definite connection—I know we were bound to speak and this I knew because I made it happen. So I took my place next to him and we played some generic DDR-type of game that sucked.

I started a conversation and asked, “You play DDR?” and he said, “Yeah.” From that, we had quite a talk and the game satisfied my boredom at the time.

It breaks my heart, I never got his name. And in this big humungous world it is highly likely I will never see him again. That day was not like any other and I will not forget that moment in my life.

Half my life I have been jumping from place to place, never staying put and that is exactly how my persona is too; being actively social gets me friends. But with some of my friends, I can only remember their names and one thing about them. Like Michelle, who was addicted to Ripley’s Believe It Or Not and she retold the whole show to me the next day. Or Dylan, the boy who hated me when I moved to San Diego and he told everyone not to talk to me. Or Giovanni, who lent me his pencil the first day of school. Or Margie, the girly-girl whom I ran away from because I hate Hello Kitty and now I’m forever scarred on my right knee. Or Kerwin, who I ate pencil lead with, telling everyone that the sound was magic as we ground the lead with our teeth.

But this boy that reminds me of dark chocolate, I don’t even know his name! And now all I can hope for is maybe, just maybe if I go to Chuck E. Cheese again, he will be there. IF I EVER SEE HIM AGAIN, IT’S DESTINY. And if not, then hopefully he remembers me as well wherever he may be.