All African’s Are United

suada - wheaton, Illinois
Entered on May 22, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: humanism

I believe that all Africans are united weather their born in America, Mexico, India, Germany, or Asia, it still doesn’t give any reason to deny the fact that we are all truly Africans.

The first thing that comes to your average African American is that they couldn’t possibly be from Africa they weren’t born there so there’s no way. one of the biggest reasons they jump to conclusion is because of their background knowledge they have on Africa they have known it to be a dirty, Poverty filled ,war zone are of the world, somewhere no one would ever want to be or ever want to raise a family at. Most people don’t even bother to do research on it.

I come from a country on the eastern side of Africa called Somalia, not everyone in the world would know that, that country even exists because every time I’m asked were I’m from I get one of those “ooow I never heard of that, so what’s it like there, is everyone naked.” Some times it’s kind of annoying then they start to get really weird like “do you guys eat with your feet.” Or are you guy’s always carrying stuff on your head.” American born Africans just assume their not really African, so what explains the word African in African American? Because it’s not just a coincidence. If people could just trace back on their ancestors they would just say a bunch of names but there’s always something beyond that and if they get to the roots of their ancestors they are eventually going to be from Africa, some people may not know where specifically in Africa but they should get the idea. Before poverty and war Africa used to be a place for everything when their wasn’t any starvation, rape, or killing, when everything was peaceful and everyone helped each other out but because of how long poverty, killing, and all the other bad stuff has been occurring people just don’t believe its possible Africa was ever any of that good stuff, once you’ve got a picture in your mind it’s really hard to just change your perspective completely. I believe no certain culture should be stereotyped because of its bad history or what it is known for , so any time someone comes across a country with really bad history they should do further research on it because there’s no way that the country has nothing to be proud about.