What Does Love Really Mean

Jeremy - Wheaton, Illinois
Entered on May 22, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: equality

Well to be honest I’ve always believed in accepting people for who they are. And at times it is and always will be difficult to love and accept someone for something other than their outward appearance. Sadly our society today mainly influences one’s outward appearance. But we should love people for what is on the inside. I am a fan of people who are different than others, believe me if we were all the same our lives would be so bland and mediocre. We all have our own dreams and struggles. Sometimes our problems may either be caused by us or some one else, never the less we need to deal with them. Mostly in my experiences, my acquaintances or I have always needed someone else to lean on. We all need help at some point in time. In my early years something tragic happened to me, and I held it inside me and eventually forgot about the whole incident. But it tossed and turned in my restless body. It haunted my dreams for years, and yet I never told anyone. Eventually I couldn’t tolerate the conflicting emotions any longer; I needed someone to share my emotions with. Sometimes you just got to give someone your shoulder, a friend, a lover, or any random person who needs a hand. Well I finally found someone to confide with, it took a long time to tell her my story, believe me it’s easier said than done. It was a breath of life to be able to let all of my troubles come to the surface and spill out of my head. It was comforting to know that someone cared, so much as to just listen to me, to actually care about and relate to my past. That day my world turned upside down. We all have our hurts, our pains. We are all different, through our skin, through our orientation. But we all need each other. This burning desire to be accepted, sometimes we just forget that we aren’t the ones to be accepted by others, but that we need to accept them first. That was what my friend was like, that friend cared and accepted me for who I was. Another thing you could say that I strongly believe in is that no matter what happens to you, it doesn’t make who you are. I feel that so many people grieve over their lives, because of something that has happened to them in the past. It just pains me to see someone tear themselves apart for this reason, and believe me, I was one of them. It is at these times where our friends matter most. I could never repay that friend for the experience she gave me. This is my simple plea for our world today, accept others, and help each other when help is needed. I want my experience not only to help me but also to help others.