The Power of Tuesday

Sarah - Blue Bell, Pennsylvania
Entered on May 22, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

I Believe in Tuesdays

According to Christian belief, an imminent day is to arrive where Jesus Christ will judge every human who has ever lived. He will judge you on your sins and your charities, the way you brush your hair in the morning, the way you hastily run out the door, when you cut someone off in the turning lane, cursed in the face of frusteration, and wallowed in your own self pity, even if only for a second; ultimately labeling you- good or bad. He will welcome some into his kingdom, for leading a good and charitable life, and he will refuse and banish others to an eternal punishment- judgment day. For many, this looming judgment is what keeps their life full of humility and graciousness, because they believe that they will be rewarded for their ‘good living’. But personally, I have trouble seeing my entire life summed up into one review, one critique, and one word. Last week, had judgement day arrived I probably you have been deemed okay. This week, maybe justly bad, but next week though, maybe I’ll be reach borderline remarkable. But judgement day dosen’t offer this luxury of knowing that each week is a new leaf, that second, third and fourth chances happen, and that this gratitude and humbleness will pay off. I believe that’s what Tuesdays are for.

Although not officially stated by any Federal Board of Day-Naming or history textbook, the days of the week are classified. Monday- the day where everyone is still in shock of having to wake up early and return to school or work, but a little leftover sleep and joy from the weekend is enough to get everyone through the day. Wednesday- hump day, where everyone knows that after its completion, it is all downhill and smooth sailing into the weekend. Thursday- simply a twenty-four hour period of anticipation for Friday. Friday- the day of relief, knowing that you’ve gotten through the week and that tomorrow is a day of prosperity and happiness. Finally the weekend rolls around, and everyone enjoys their two days of workless bliss. But what about Tuesday? I believe that it is the day of pure misery. The coming weekend is too far off to look towards, and the past weekend is too far behind to comfort you. There is no relief in sight, which makes Tuesday the day of hopelessness.

But in this hopelessness, I believe that it not only defines how your week will turn out, but also will define you as a person. Choosing to give into the hopelessness presented to you on a Tuesday will only make the week seem longer, and will bury you with harsh emotion and work later on in the week. Choosing to work through the Tuesday despair, will allow you to emerge Wednesday morning with a sense of accomplishment, happiness, and an easy ride into the weekend. Being in this despair known as Tuesday defines who you are as a person because of the hopelessness of the situation. Being able to keep your integrity, your work ethic, and your humility in a time of little hope and faith is what defines a person and sends them into the week’s fiery hell or warm salvation.

Unlike Christian belief that has people spending their lives working towards one judgment day, I’ve already had nine hundred and forty-three. Each of which have sent my week into sweltering anguish or a tempid paradise, defining who I am in my time of hopelessness, but also giving me the chance for redemption in seven days- the power of the Tuesday deity.