Believe in our heroes

Nick - culver/IN/46511, Indiana
Entered on May 22, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

The war in Iraq, call it what you want. Believe what you want, though I am not here to talk about whether it is a war or a conflict or whether you believe in it or not. No I don’t care about that. I believe that no matter what your opinion is you should still support the troops.

Supporting the troops is not the same as supporting the war. Support the men and women that fight for your freedom. I believe that this is a war and it is a problem. However I support the troops the most. Without an army who would protect us when we need it the most, who would fight for our freedom? I believe that supporting the troops is not the same as supporting the war. Ask any one of the brave men that have returned from Iraq and all they wanted when they were over there was to come back. Though when duty called they answered and served in our army.

Imagine that you were drafted to fight in this war we are currently at. One where the enemy dose not wear the same uniform, and blends in with the innocent people. Imagine killing a person, good or bad, either way it is hard to kill someone and not have post pardon stress. Imagine not having the freedoms that we have here in America. The ability to walk outside and not have to worry that you will be shot at, or being able to sleep not worry about getting bombed. This is why I believe that we have to support our troops.

Chances are that you know someone in the war or someone who has fought in the war, do you pray for them? Do you wonder about their wellbeing? This is the reason we should all believe in supporting the troops. They are not fighting because they have to they are fighting because they want to protect the freedoms the we take for granted every day and not wonder how much blood was shed to keep our freedoms.