In My Eyes

Alexis - Hilliard, Ohio
Entered on May 22, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I see myself as someone who observes everything. I consume the energy people send around me and use it to my advantage. I don’t have a belief of a certain kind, but I do try to find a way that will get me through everyday.

I sit and look at the way people are in general; the way they eat, the way they talk, the way they interact with others, etc. By far, it seems hard for me to sit and try to tolerate how ignorant people can really be. It seems no one really has the interpretation on what life is suppose to be like. I hear everyday how much stress money puts on people or how hard it is for someone to walk across the street to get food, without taking their car. I’m not saying that I dislike people or think people are stupid, but I am stating that people’s motives nowadays seem to be useless for our future and are deepening the past. Our modern day humanity lives like there is no past and like there is no tomorrow.

When people are upset, they send off the energy that comfort is needed. That’s an example of where I come in on my everyday life. I soak up that energy and I use that energy to my advantage. I use it to make others feel better and come in check with reality. I try to be a loving person and show others there’s a purpose in life; they just have to find their specific purpose.

For most people, it is hard for them to find a purpose. They may know right away, but first they have to find their selves. As for me, I have been through more than what most teenagers will ever go through. These past experiences have given me opportunities to sit back and observe how I can make my purpose in life one that will not be forgotten, but will also benefit the future for everyone. I needed someone like that in my life when I had complicated pastimes; that is why I try to live this life to my advantage and show love to everyone.

I just let things take their own path and look out for branches and rocks that may get in the way. I know help and guidance will keep things sturdy and make me a stable person. Everyone has infinite potential inside them, but they need that push to help them through, which is why I sit back and look for those in need. I would like to call myself someone who rehabilitates people’s minds into who they should be. Everyone should act themselves and love them selves to share it amongst the world. I want change for everyone and in order to do that, it starts with me.