Differences in Views

Paul - Hilliard, Ohio
Entered on May 22, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I am a Christian, I always have been. Like all Christians, I believe that Jesus is God’s son, and that he died on the cross for my sins. This is the basis of Christianity, and the point at which it differs from Judaism. I believe everything that is in the bible, but I personally have a few views on certain things that I’m not sure if other people share my views or not.

The first thing is God’s plan for my life. Most Christians believe that God has their life already planned out, and he has what he wants us to do that will fit into his bigger picture plan for the world. That is why he gives us the talents that we have or can do the things that we can do. I see it slightly different, though. I believe that although he has what God wants me to do, he has multiple paths laid out, all leading to a different life, like a tree. When I come to the first decision, the first branch off of the trunk, I make a choice. If I take one path, I open many possibilities, but close many others. I continue on to another choice, and so on. Although he has the most preferred plan, there are multiple paths that I could take. Some paths lead to pretty near the same thing, some are as far apart as they could be.

The next thing that I differ on is types of religion. I think that almost all religions worship the same God, but in a different form. Judaism worships the same God as Christians, but with a slightly different idea on whether Jesus was the son of God or just a major prophet. Muslims worship Allah, but they have the same basic principles as other religions: do mission work, tithe, and other things. As far as humans know, Allah and Jehovah could be the same entity.

The third area that my ideas differ in is in Evolutionism Vs Creationism. Some say that if you are a Christian, you can’t be an evolutionist. I disagree. The way I see it, both happened. In the Bible, it states that God created the earth and everything on it in six days, but nobody knows how long these days were. They could have bee millions of years long, each day containing multiple scientific ages in history. I’m not saying that it is exactly what happened, but it is possible. Humans still have immense amounts of things to learn still.

Although these ideas may seem a little weird, they make sense in my mind. I came to these conclusions over the course of many years, because to youth group discussions, science class discussions, friendly arguments with people I know, and many other influences, but overall, I know that humans will never know everything, but these are my views on a few issues that people will bicker over for millennia to come.