Why the Change?

Kari - Hilliard, Ohio
Entered on May 22, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Everyone is changing. They’re changing their beliefs, their style, how they act, everything. But why is everyone doing it? What happened to being yourself and doing what you want to? Is it to “fit in,” or to get accepted by a certain person or group? Why do we feel like we can’t just be ourselves? Do we feel like it’s not good enough, so we should act totally different to get people to like us? I believe so strongly that it’s wrong to change yourself. You were created a certain way, to do something specific.

You can change your clothes, the music you listen to, your hairstyle, and how you treat people, yet deep down, you will be the same person. Your whole life will be like living a lie. Why would you really want to do that? Why would you want to be friends with people that don’t like you for who you are? Those aren’t the kinds of people anyone needs to be hanging around. Everyone needs to be liked for who they are. A true friend is someone who doesn’t judge you, that will like you no matter what. People that will only like you if you do certain things are not true friends. They will just end up ruining you in the end.

I’ve had so many people around me change. It hurts me so much, because I know it’s not worth it. I know they’re better than that, better than the people they’re changing themselves for. I knew the great people that they all used to be, but they’re now just in the back of my mind. Sometimes I wonder what it would be like if they wouldn’t have given in and tried to be like someone else. If they would have just been themselves, they could be so much happier. Now they’re busy taking orders from other people, and doing things they don’t really want to do. You should do the things you want to do. Just be yourself. In the end, you’ll find out many people will respect you for it.