Learn from the Unexpected

Michelle - Galloway, Ohio
Entered on May 22, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

For as long as I can remember, I have always been told to be prepared for anything that life might throw your way. And over the years I have developed a habit for not only trying to handle everything that comes into my life, but also to expect the unexpected. And further more, to take what ever unexpected comes to you and use it to the best of your advantage. Because, as I have learned, its these unannounced events and dilemmas that are what truly define us.

On many occasions I have been confronted with events or problems that the outcome of which could affect my life dramatically based on my reaction. A minor thing is realizing that I forgot to study for a test and needed to remain calm or was most defiantly going to fail. A more prominent event would be losing a relative right before the holidays and having to try to not keep me in a state of depression. Both conflicts brought out my weakness, and had I not handled it well, could have changed me, even if only temporarily. Forgetting to study and not being able to calm down could created an anxiety of taking tests which could have followed me al through high school and even college. And letting a death in my family could have ruined the holidays as well as created a hole in my heart that would sting the same time every year, had I not gotten control of myself.

It all basically came down to what I wanted and how I wanted to be changed, if at all, by these experiences. The possibility of failing a test taught me a lesson to never put off on studying as well as making sure to study as hard as you can. The death of a closes relative made me realize that were all human and that I knew that deep down in my heart how much I really love my family and that Thanksgiving, Christmas and any time of the year is a time that you should try to be with your family and the ones you love. It just all comes down to how you can handle all of the surprises in life, whether they are gifts curses, and what you can take away from them.