Nondenominational Religions

Kaila - Columbus, Ohio
Entered on May 22, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Nondenominational Religions

Throughout the United States, people celebrate different religions. Growing up, I have always been brought up in a Christian family. In the past, I have participated in Baptism, now, I believe in a nondenominational faith, which is defined as all sorts of religions.

Nondenominational teaches me to not judge “a book by its cover”. Going to church and participating in church activities helps me understand how God wants his love and word to be spread everywhere. I have learned valuable lessons and how to spread the word of God to my friends, by weekly attending a youth group. Not only do I participate in what my youth group does, I also weekly attend bible studies. Youth groups and bible studies both teach me how proud I should be of myself and to think about what others don’t have.

Meeting new people that believe in all sorts of religions is interesting to me. I have learned about not only Baptist, but Catholic and Methodist as well. Every person who believes in a different religion other than Christianity is unique in their own personal view. As I started getting older, I began to believe to accept everyone around me and to not judge them.

All around the world, Christian and gospel artists actually take time into their busy schedules to speak about how God has made a difference in their lives. These artists include soloists and bands such as Hawk Nelson, Natalie Grant, and Newsong. I myself have gotten the opportunity to listen to what each soloist and/or band has to say. Each of them have powerful messages and lyrics in their songs.

Participating in Church activities helps me feel proud of what I believe in. It also helps me to be encouraged to spread Evangelism to my friends and family. Attending church every week can help anyone’s spiritual life grow as it has mine. I believe that judging a person by their beliefs should be kept to oneself‘s own opinions. However, participating in a nondenominational background has helped me increase my spiritual life and has helped me become even more outgoing than ever before.