Enjoying Family Through You Beleif

Siavash - San Jose, California
Entered on May 22, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Sitting the the Rabbi’s house, wondering…Thinking…Wow. I have such a nice life living with my family. It is so comfortable, it is so warming. That day was just me and my dad, yet it felt like we were a family. The love and care level was so high. As your are thinking about you life and how much you like it, you father is called up to the Torah. You stand up in his honor, he finishes, shakes your hand, and you are called to the Torah, and you yourself give an Aliyah. After both Aliyot you are asked to be Chesed and give Tzedaka in honor of a Mishe-Berach. The next day, both of you go and give a great amount of Tzedaka.

Who do you think effected your religion. Do you think it was your choice to be Jewish. Why do you enjoy being Jewish. I have many topics of belief on Judaism, but my core belief is that family is the center of Judaism. When I say family, I mean the community of people around you. Everybody has family according to me. People who are the only one left in their family (in blood) still have friends and people around them who I call family.

The reason that I think family is important in a Jewish community is because family members help you out in any situation, and that is a mitzvah in this world. I also think that family is important in Judaism because the family uses Judaism to keep the family together. If there was no religion or views and thoughts about something, there would be no reason in having friends. So family takes a huge role in Judaism by using it to keep the family together.

So at this point you know that I believe family and Judaism go together and that they help each other. A family brings Jews together, and Judaism brings family together. I think Judaism brings family together because it allows a time for the family to be in a place in which they all believe in the same thing. I believe that families bring the community of Jews together because they are become a big family in which they believe in the same thing. I believe in that based on a true story my dad told me. He told he a story that he escaped from Iran to the US, just to have a family and live comfortably. He also did this because he wanted to keep his faith–Judaism– and Iran was very anti-Semitic.

My dad worked really hard to make my life as comfortable as possible, and he did all of this mostly because he was Jewish. And after I heard that story I realized how important it is to our family to be Jewish. I also learned why my family is Jewish. I appreciate my dad very much, and he is one of the reasons that I believe in Judaism, and the things I’m writing about in this essay.

As you can tell, I think that family brings people towards their religion, but we did not choose our religion. I enjoy this fact, because it is a hard thing to state what you believe in just one piece of paper, so it must be excruciatingly hard to choose a belief from 500 pieces of paper, and I appreciate my ancestors who influenced my family and became Jewish.