True Equality

Justin - Franklin Lakes, New Jersey
Entered on May 21, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

A child that is born in Harlem and a child that is born in Beverly Hills are equal. A man who works for a major company and a man who owns that very same company are equal. A black man and a white man are equal. Women from America are no more superior to women from Afghanistan or any other country for that matter. This is what I believe in.

I was walking through New York City one day this past winter, and I saw a homeless black man sitting on the sidewalk quietly sleeping with his old raggedy sheets draped around him, and than I saw it… people walking by him pointing and laughing at him as if he was a wild animal at a zoo. After that day I always wondered why people treat other people like that; was it because he was homeless and out of work, or was it because he was black. Some people may lose perspective on life, because they live in an affluent community.

Due to the fact that I live in a town that is far removed from the hardships of the very homeless man I saw being humiliated, I witness snobbery, and people’s neglect for other humans who bare many social burdens due to their economic standing and family background. When the earthquake struck China people in my town played it off like nothing happened, and some didn’t even know that it did happen. Even though thousands of people died, and more were left homeless, people just ignore it and go on with their every day lives. I believe that we can all help if we just were taught from day one that helping counts and that helping each other is not something people should just do because religion tells us to, rather helping our brothers and sisters throughout the planet can and will only better the world as a global community.

I believe that the people who come from the middle-class of society should help as much as they can, by giving to the poor. The upper-class feel as though they have the rights to indulge, so I consider many of those people hopeless, even some of my family and friends. I believe that if I live a modest life and give as much as I can, others will be inspired to do so as well from seeing me as a role model.