Trinkets of Life

Bianca - Magnolia, Arkansas
Entered on May 21, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

From earrings to rings, from belts to chains – accessorizing is my main game. I believe accessories make the outfit.

Some people think that accessories are a waste of money and pointless. I, on the other hand, feel that an outfit is incomplete without accessories. Despite what some might think, accessories are not that expensive. The highest I have ever spent trying to accessorize an outfit is $6.99; sometimes I can even find things as cheap as 99 cents.

I believe that a person can take pieces of clothing as plain as a white muscle shirt with some skinny jeans and transform them into a nice casual ensemble simply by adding trinkets. For example, if someone took the outfit previously mentioned and added a cute belt around the shirt, one or two beaded necklaces, some dangly earrings, a couple of bracelets, a pair of white baby doll shoes or heels, and possibly a cute little purse or handbag, she would look really cute without going through the hassle of being all dressed up, and the person would be comfortable at the same time. In addition, she could add some really cute eye shadow, and her look would be complete.

However, there is such a thing as over accessorizing, which will take away from the person’s beauty. When accessorizing, never wear more than two necklaces or four bracelets, and remember one belt or chain is enough. Also, I believe that the color of a person’s outfit should not be the color of her eye shadow; eye shadow is not supposed to draw people’s attention. It is only meant to slightly enhance a person’s eyes. A female should try to use eye shadow that matches her skin color or eyes; she could possibly use some that has a nice shine and shimmers a little.

I believe that if I had to dress without accessories, my life would be dull. Accessories brighten up my day. I feel that when I am accessorized, things in my life tend to flow better. When getting ready for school, I spend more time picking out accessories for my outfit than I spend getting dressed. This tends to happen because I personally like for my accessories to match the colors that are not very noticeable in the ensemble.

In conclusion, accessories are an absolute necessity in my life. There are many ways to arrange and put them together. Whether a person is going for the comfortable cutie look or the glamorous vixen, trinkets can help perfect that look.