I believe in a Plan B

Lauren - Wyckoff, New Jersey
Entered on May 21, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe in a plan B. This meaning a person should not be so close minded towards one thing. Everything happens for a reason and in the end it will work out. Most things you do not have a choice over therefore you should go with the flow. I however learned this the hard way.

Applying to college has gotten harder and harder. There is way more competition and thousands more eligible for college. My first choice was to go to Marist College. Everyone I talked to said to me I was in and I had nothing to worry about. I was so assured I would be there until I got the letter saying I was on the wait list. I could not believe it was happening. Both my brothers attend Marist, how could they not let me in? So I waited it out and talked to admissions and they told me how sorry they were but there was simply no room.

I was devastated. My plan for college was ruined and I felt there was no other way I would be happy. There was no way I could see myself anywhere else but Marist because I was so closed minded. When I visited other schools I didn’t even really pay attention because I didn’t think it was going to matter. I ended up picking University of Rhode Island. This was my plan B that I didn’t even think I would need.

As I filled out my forms, and talk to other “Rhodey’s” I decided I needed a change of attitude. There was no way that I was going to make an experience meant to be good, turn into such a horrible time in my life. I visited the school again and talked to more and more people. Marist was completely off my mind and I was more than happy to be going to URI.

Going through this experience really taught me that no matter how much you work for something, some things are just not meant to be. In the end everything works out, weather it just falls into place or you work with it. Accepting your fate with a good attitude will only contribute to your happiness.