Brandon - Windsor, California
Entered on May 21, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: war

I believe war to be justified, not humane but justified. I’m growing up in a world where war is just another word in the news, just another headline here, headline there. But is it just? Is war a necessary action for us to thrive and socialize in the world today? I believe so, because even if we were to change you must want change, you must believe that change can happen. I believe that our world likes to fight, ever since the early days where man would carry a club and learn to make a fire, we were fighting. From past to present there was fighting, its part of our predatory nature, and if you want something important whether its territory or belief or a good job, you must fight. It’s an action that has power and force, one used to make a point, right or wrong, it’s the only way you can earn anything.

My belief is not based on raw fact or emotion, but more on the harsh reality of things. The harsh reality is that there are millions of people dying everyday for something they believe in, something they love or cherish. There are people giving up their own lives for religion and for the after life, right or wrong it is the reality. There are solders walking around in the heat of the day with 50 pounds of gear while being shot at for what they love. Their morals drive them, their want to see their family drives them. War to me is more like commitment, committing your life to honor, to respect, to justice. The population respects soldiers and fighters; they respect them because most cannot handle that job.

One day again children will become part of a draft. Our friends and teens we all know will become pawns in the chess board that is war. Some will be voluntary, and some will have to. We will fight and fight and choose to believe or not believe but war is a game of chess, back and forth except there is no king to be captured, there is no end to the game because it is engraved into our DNA and our blood.

You can say “I will not fight”, you can even say “I don’t support this country”, but in the long run you will fight. If someone attacked your family you would fight. If someone took your belongings you’d fight, if they broke into your house you would fight. War is fighting for a more broad belief and defense. To the soldiers, this country is their home and their belonging, they are defending it also.

It may not be humane due to the fact that others are actually dying but there are no laws or reason or justice without rolling your sleeves up first. Our right to vote…fought for. Women’s rights…fought for. Freedom and democracy…fought for. Racial freedom…fought for. Justice of evil powers…fought for. The list goes on, war after battle after scruff, it doesn’t end. You can’t erase history, and there will be more to come. Most issues will not be resolved without battle, it may not be good, and the issue may be worthless, but its how humans get the job done. Not a light and happy topic, but a topic that many have an ignorant opinion on.

I believe we wage war for rightful reason.