Felicia - cincinnati, Ohio
Entered on May 21, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe that relationships should be with the person that you like. And that if you don’t want to far right off hand that the person that you are going out with should respect that. And not force you to do anything.

I believe this because one of my old friends. Was in this same spot except she was the one forcing her boyfriend to kiss her. Like if he was walking down the hallway or with his friends she would pull him away and hold him up against the wall until he kissed her. It made me sick because I always see his face when she does that and it’s one of those “leave me alone for once. I don’t want to kiss you right now” looks. And to me it seems like the only way he has his own time that she doesn’t know about is myspace. And that’s probably it unless he told her his password and email to get on.

All of my friends that have seen this happen are all sickened by this. And some of my other friends who also agree with that being disgusting also think that they either don’t make a cute couple or they don’t make a good couple. As in they don’t agree on everything. It’s just not a good relationship. And the worst thing about this is that it’s not even going to last any longer because the school year is almost over and they are going to different schools. And she thinks that unless they can be together every second. They can’t be together.