Never Give Up

Chelsey - Chaparral, New Mexico
Entered on May 20, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe that my will to never give up pushes me to do the best I possibly can.

All my life people have taken my will for granted. They have always told me “no you can’t do this,” and “no you can’t do that.” It seems that this began to happen more frequently my junior year of high school when I had to have knee surgery.

I was doing amazingly well in basketball. I was sure with how much I improved I would be suiting up for varsity no problem. But, the Friday before try-outs, I tore my meniscus during off-season practice and had to have surgery.

I recovered from my surgery quickly, and within a few weeks I was ready to play again. I knew I would only be playing junior varsity due to my lack of practice, but that didn’t bother me. As long as I was once again able to experience the adrenaline rush when I took that fist step onto the floor, the invigorating feeling of making the first basket of the game, the sound of the crowd chanting the team name, and the sound of that buzzer sealing our victory, or even our loss, I was happy.

However, all that beauty was not easily obtained because everyone underestimated me. My coaches didn’t think I could take a hit. My trainer didn’t believe I could handle running for long periods of time. Consequently, even though I was starting, my playing time was limited.

While I was only able to play three games that season, those three games were the most heart-felt games I’ve ever played. When on that court, I felt unstoppable. I was a threat on both defense and offense. The fact that I was seen as inferior to the other players only made me better because they did not expect me to have the capability to do the things I did.

My brother once told me, “In order to do your best, strive for perfection, never give up, and never let anyone bring you down.” I feel as though I have accomplished all those things in the three games I played. I never gave up, and I didn’t let how people visualized me bring me down. Even though I was nowhere near perfect, I did the best I possibly could. I was a tremendous contributing factor on the team, and I changed the view that everyone had of the broken-down girl who was great until her injury to one of a girl that will never give up no matter what tries to keep her down.