The Bond of People

Grace - Arlington, Virginia
Entered on May 20, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe in the bond between two people. In this case, I mean the bond of friendship. It’s quite odd how the human brain works and decides who we want to be friends with and why. It’s odd how one feels the need to listen and to be there when the friends need them. I guess there is a scientific explanation of how the brain works in choosing the bonds that are forged but to me, I believe in the people.

I believe in my friends for I know that they will be there for me. Whether it is the number of years that I have known someone to just the inevitable connection that is made, somehow and someway friendships are forged. These connections provide insight into different ideas and thoughts. What my friends believe in and what I believe in are two different things but we learn to coexist. The numerous lessons that are learned can never be fully understood or explained to others but to the individual, they are important and that is all that matters. My friends are all silly and unique which sometimes drives me crazy especially when the topic of politics or religion is brought in. However, it seems that I learn something from this ideas that are discussed.

Some might see friendships as a network in which one might use to their own benefit in the future. For example, in ten years if one needs money then they’ll go to their friend who has a lot of money. Yet, I believe in the importance of friendships and the importance of a bond between two people. A bond that will teach you and guide you in life. I have learned moral guides and compasses from religion, school, and the law. Obviously, one should never murder, steal, and etc but it’s the emotional aspect of your compass that is learned from others. The importance of listening to others, comforting people in distress, and appreciating those around us are things that we will never be able to learn about in a textbook.

My parents have an interesting bond. Besides from being partners, they are friends. They deal with many things together and as my mom always says, “Your father is one of my best friends.” Sometimes they have opposing views because my mom wants me to become responsible with money while my dad slips in my allowance to me when my mom isn’t looking. In the end, they are friends. I believe in this good bond and the happiness that radiates from my parents.

So then the question arises in what makes a good friend? Well, I believe that the word friend should be positive. There are no such things as bad friends because then they’re not your friends. There are many aspects to a friendship and of course it depends on the person, but friends have a positive connotation, which would then make bad friends an oxymoron. I believe in my friends and this unexplainable bond.