Maggie - Topsfield, Massachusetts
Entered on May 20, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe that everyone has two different sides or personalities to him or her.

I am usually a very quiet and calm person, but on one day I was completely the opposite. It was the day of the Jonas Brothers concert. The whole time I was jumping around, and going crazy. I was very outgoing when we got into Boston, especially to the other Jonas fans. When my friends and I were waiting in line, we were talking to the other fans, and we were singing their songs. I would never sing in public, but because it was the Jonas Brothers, and other people were singing, I did too. The beginning of the concert was when I went the craziest. There was a countdown, and during it, the symbol for the Jonas brothers started spinning faster and faster on the screens, until it said ‘the future is now’. A huge white sheet dropped, there was smoke everywhere, and then the three boys rose through the stage and started singing. I pretty much exploded; I had never had so much energy before. During the concert, the security man told me to calm down a couple times. It was a great night, and I was definitely a different person when I was at the concert.

I think it is important to have more than one personality, and it would be hard to have only one. I am sometimes shy, and I am sometimes outgoing. I am sometimes calm and I am sometimes crazy. I believe people have different sides because I have seen my friends and family act completely different than they usually do. For example, my friend Emily is always calm, and just the perfect little girl around teachers, adults, and older kids. But when she is just with her friends, or anyone her age, its like she exploded into a crazy, wild, and funny girl.

Without having different sides, life would be a little dull. You would get bored with yourself. You need to have different sides to spice things up in your life, and to make life more fun. I believe everyone has two different personalities. What are yours?