This I believe

Anonymous - New York, New York
Entered on May 20, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

On each page, I deeply printed quotes from my head that had some meaning to me and how much I hated my life. I wrote many things along the line of “you are nothing.” Every word was as depressing and hateful as I could make it. They were miserable words that demonstrated how I was nobody and never would be. It was pain, misery, and hate. It was my beast. I almost had a book of screaming quotes and words before I decided to start from the beginning and read all I had poured out of me. I continued crying as I went through every page over and over.

Strangely, when I finally reached the end, I didn’t feel like I did when I was writing it. My hate had turned into disgust and the hate for me had turned into a hate for something else. Every time I reread this book of depression I hated the person who wrote it more and more. It was not me. It was exactly who I didn’t want to be. No one could have helped me realize that. No one else could have even understood it. So there I sat, on my floor, stunned. I had surprised myself! It takes things like that to find out how strong you really are.

If you never hear this in your life then let it be me who tells you to believe in yourself. I say this because you are the only person who you can depend on, your the only one who can fight and overcome your problems, and the only person who can make you stronger. You are the one who understands you the most. Friends and family are just the adornment to help your choices turn out better. You are the one who will make the final choice, big or small. No one can do that for you. However hard it may seem, you can only depend on you. You learn the most from yourself, you grow the most from yourself, and you’re the one who makes yourself stronger. Never have doubt in yourself because you might just be surprised.

I believe in me. This I believe.