A Difference in Life

Emily - Manchester, Massachusetts
Entered on May 20, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I always thought it was a good thing that I had so many beliefs in my life, that was, until, I started to write this essay. After many attempts of just writing about one belief, I found it always seemed to morph into others. Soon, I discovered a way to sum it all neatly into one package. I believe in life. Because through the good and the bad, my life is my life. I shape it and I have the choice, the decision, and the privilege of making things easier or more difficult for myself. I form my life the way that I want, with my beliefs. And it is my beliefs that no other person or thing can change.

I believe in people. That there is good in everyone, even the one’s who have done something wrong, always deserve a second chance.

I believe in music. Good music, and bad, because to someone, that music is art, and I believe you should always appreciate art because in it’s own way, that art is someone’s life. If I hear a song that may not agree with my particular taste in music, I try not to blow it off right away. I give everything an opportunity.

I believe the negative space is more important than the positive. Whatever isn’t there makes you value what is. I believe in sadness, because what’s happiness without its opposite? I believe in the good and the bad. Without the bad things, no one would appreciate the good and without the good then what’s the point of life? I believe that a simple act of kindness, like holding open a door, or just smiling at a stranger, can make someone’s day better or at least give a silver lining to their bad one.

I believe a good hug can give anyone joy. I believe in peace and the earth. I believe in being calm. Love is more important than violence. Being angry will only end in unhappiness.

I believe there is no such thing as silence. If you listen hard enough, you will hear something, even if it’s just the voices in your head.

I believe in the dysfunctions of people. Their differences make them who they are, not who they aren’t. No one is perfect. If everyone were perfect they would all be the exact same person.

I believe that my life is run on beliefs. Every decision I make is based off what I believe, no matter how small or big. I believe beliefs are choices and choices are privileges. With these privileges, we make good decisions and bad. Through these decisions, my beliefs lie, unchanged. They intermingle with each other, and together, have commonalities that they share. Through my beliefs, more beliefs are sparked, within me and other people. Whether it’s focusing on the worst to idealize the best, or giving someone or thing a chance. My beliefs are my differences and my differences make my life.