Peace, Love, not War

Kamry - Fowlerville, Michigan
Entered on May 20, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: war

9/11, Iraq, the many wars that surround us with hate and sorrows. The hate, the beatings, and the crimes that also come along with the dreadfull war. Is war a cure for all the hate we have with our supposable enemies? Watching my mother pack her gear in a big army bag, getting ready to leave for training, made me think; do I believe in War? Do I want to see my mom in a big green U.S Army bag?

People may say that war has a bright side and will help us one day, but seven years of the medicating cure we call war, is still going on this very day. I rather not believe their thoughts, for I don’t see that bright side they speak of. Watching my mother pack her life into a bag makes me wonder. Will my mom be coming back in a Army bag? Hearing me say this haunts me, and makes me feel sick to my stomach, but the people supporting the war make me sick to my stomach; I think they are the ones that shouold be saying to themselves that their the horrible Americans.

As you see various people going toward protest and pep rallies against the war, riots break out and mishap happens. Is this what will happen if we try to stop the frightening war still going on for seven years? Why is it we have to fight to solve all our problems/ We had Saddam, but we had to go and dig a depper hole, causing all of the mishap that goes on even this day. It wouldn’t be hard to try and fix our country. All you would need is some understanding and everything would go as planed. Fighting is not the thing to do to solve the many problems we have going on in our life time. So think, would you fight to get your way or talk about it and understand each other? Think about fighting before you spread your hate.

President Bush might try covering all his mistakes by putting more men and women in the war; just so he can cover his own filthy mistakes. Does he think we were born yesterday? Bush may have said he fought for his country but he didn’t, he dropped out, and if he did stay, he would have fallen, like a leaf in autum. Bush is trying to cover his tracks to make himself and the country look better but, I don’t think its quiet working or ever going to happen.

People are dying and crying and we still send more men and women over to Iraq and Afghanistan. As I see our president doing this, I think to myself that he would care if his own daughter was in the Army, Air Force, or even in the National Gaurd and was shipped out with no warning. So I say to myself; War could be your thing, it’s up to you what you want to believe in. I just rather not see my mom for the first time in months at a morgue in a body bag.