Be Kind

Eric - Hoffman Estates, Illinois
Entered on May 20, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

It’s not easy to find while you’re trying to get home in rush hour traffic. It’s not easy to find in stores days before Christmas. You could look with a magnified glass for days and might not see it. But one day, when you least expect it you will notice what you are looking for: kindness. People get so caught up with themselves and their own agendas that they forget to play their part in the world. We are here on this planet together. We are linked together like one big chain. We might not notice the men falling way on the other side of the chain but eventually enough will fall that we will begin to carry their weight and feel their burden. We must do our part do help when we can. Even little gestures will help. I believe in the power of kindness and the effect one person can have on another.

With all of the terrible events that have happened, one can’t escape hearing about killings after picking up a newspaper or glancing at the 9:00 news. I am no exception. I am appalled by all of the murders, rapes, scandals, ect. ect. I read about on a daily basis. Being a student, the recent shootings that have taken place are extremely scary. Since this past shooting at Northern Illinois I have really stopped to think about what is happening. Why is it that there have been few if any shootings in the past, but now there have been many fatal shootings. I have come to one conclusion. People are meaner now. The shootings, at the schools, all had attackers with roots of being teased in some way. Just walking down the halls at the grocery store or working out at my health club I see less smiles and less kindness. I remember one instance when I was late for class. I jumped out of my car and ran to the front door. I was juggling my books, a beverage, and a duffel bag. The person next to my sped by with ease, luckily not having to put on a circus act, and walked threw the door 10 feet ahead of me. As I looked for help, I was instead met with the sound of the door slamming shut. “Great,” I thought to my self, “Now I have to put all my stuff down, open the door, hold it open with my rear and then pick all my books back up and carry one.” Ok no big deal, I walked threw the door and no more than 30 seconds later a teacher, unaware of my path, moved in front of me and knocked my stuff to the floor. “Sorry,” he muttered and continued walking. Sorry…Is that what our society has come to. We wont help you, we won’t be kind, but yes we our sorry for you. What would it have taken for that girl to hold the door open for me or for that man to reach down and help me pick up my items? Seconds that is all it would have taken. I know in my heart that people are kind and can be kind. On that same instance I proved this thesis. I walked in to my English class 5 minutes late expecting a reprimand, but instead I was greeted with a “Good morning” and a smile. That’s all it took to change my entire morning around. Now everyday I make sure to hold the door for anyone and everyone and greet anyone who cares to look at me.

We all have the power to turn someone’s day around. Each and every one of us can change this world for the better. Be kind to someone today and everyday. Every little act of kindness helps. Smile, let someone turn before you while you are driving, hold a door, and don’t be a afraid to drop everything to help someone even when you reap no benefit. We can all make this world better simply by being kind.