Rusty - Lees Summit, Missouri
Entered on May 19, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe in speed. I believe in driving fast, swimming fast, running fast, talking fast. Living fast. I believe this because in that time I am focused on being fast, I can forget the troubles of life and just worry about going fast. I can control what I want to do, nobody else, and what I want to do is go fast.

I believe whom I surround myself with tells me a little bit about who I am. I could care less about popularity, it’s trust and character I need around me. I believe my friends, not my everyday friends, but my friends I spend my time with every weekend and look forward to spending time with, always have my back. I believe in always having my friends back no matter what. I believe a friend is someone who when it starts raining, takes my umbrella and tells me to run inside. I believe a friend is someone that when I later think about last night, I laugh aloud and everyone in the room turns and looks at me because of my random outburst of laughter.

I believe that if I walk backwards, I will find that I can go forwards and not a single person will know for sure if I am coming or going. I believe this because I believe in being random. I also believe in the theory of lengthwise rolling. So much for pathos.

I believe that I am not a man if I do not make the world better. I believe I have done my job if I make only one man who is sad, happy. Thus,

I believe in partying, whether I am the only one or not. I believe making things fun and enjoyable, and I believe that hopefully I will entertain others in the process. On this ramification, I believe in not drinking much or smoking. I believe this because I believe drinking makes myself weak and drinking too much makes me into somebody else, somebody I believe I will not like. I also share a similar view with smoking. Except I believe in breath that smells good or not at all and I believe smoking makes my breath smell bad, ew. I also believe smoking will minimize the output/input of oxygen from my lungs, and that will subtract from my speed. This I believe contradicts my first paragraph of beliefs, and I believe that I cannot contradict my first paragraph because it is my first paragraph and I believe in not being contradictory. So comes about my belief in running on. I believe if you have not figured out the previously stated belief then you have not understood my beliefs, this is what I believe. And I believe I believe In what I believe, my beliefs.