Independence and Responsibility

Jay - Hoffman Estates, Illinois
Entered on May 19, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

As an avid observer of the presidential nomination process, I keep on hearing the motto of universal health care and increased aid to the ones who are deemed impoverished. As a society, we are becoming more accepting of people relying on government for help that they perhaps don’t exactly deserve. The foundation of our American society is individualism. We have the right to be free of anyone invading our personal rights, but we also need to be responsible for our own actions. It’s kind of like telling kids now that they are grown up, they need to be more responsible for what they have done. But our American society has not moved from that. I believe that the government is designed as a last resort for people in financial burdens, as a protector of our land, and as a regulator of money supply. The government must be free of domestic pressure to expand its offer of free aid that only allows people’s dependency on government. People should stop simply relying on the government for things they can achieve on their own if they make rational decisions. The house mortgage crisis would not have occurred if people have taken out loans they could manage. Sometimes, we have to accept the situation and come up with solution on our own, and the government should be the absolute last resort that can help people get back on their feet with strict regulation on its programs. Only when people become truly responsible for their actions can we create a true American society where independence and responsibility go hand in hand.