Sarah - Kent, Washington
Entered on May 19, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Money is very powerful. It can improve your lifestyle tremendously. You can buy almost anything in the world if you have enough of it. The only thing you will never be able to buy is happiness. You can’t buy some ones heart, you can’t buy some ones friendship, and you can’t buy companionship. I believe that happiness cannot be bought.

Similar to money, love is also very powerful. It’s something that definitely cannot be bought. You can buy a woman everything from diamonds to designer purses, but if there is no chemistry between you then there’s nothing you can do. I remember when I was in 5th grade and there was this one boy who had a crush on me. He would always come to school with presents and gifts he bought me. All the gifts were nice but it didn’t make me like him more. You can’t force someone to like or love you. Just because you buy them something doesn’t mean that they are going to fall in love with you.

As well as forcing people to love you, you can’t force someone to be your friend.

I would rather have several friends then a lot of money. Friends can’t be bought and if people are only your friend because of your money, well then there really not your friend at all. Life isn’t about what you can get or buy it’s about what you already have. Life is about the people and friends you care about. Money won’t buy you a good friend and money won’t make someone care about you.

Although money won’t buy you a good friend it can buy you the biggest houses and the most expensive cars. But money can’t come over to hang out or drive to the movies with you. What’s the point in being rich if you are lonely with no one to talk to and hang out with? You can be the richest man alive but with no one to share it with, you won’t truly be satisfied.

Wealth won’t always bring you happiness. There are several things you can buy with money and it can enhance your lifestyle but would you rather have an easy, boring life or a life filled with happiness and joy? Life isn’t about all of the material things, so live like there was no tomorrow with the people you love. I believe that happiness cannot be bought.