Perception vs Reality

Kaitlyn - Palatine, Illinois
Entered on May 19, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe in a world where it is possible not to judge. The idea of people getting along could eventually be accomplished. Our perception isn’t everything. We don’t have to automatically think those who are different from us are abnormal. Because who defines abnormal? For me I’ve always been abnormal. I have a skin disorder called, vitiligo. Being accepted was always hard but in the past few years I’ve realized it’s possible to be accepted. There shouldn’t be an excuse for judgments.

I believe that the Earth is not a fair place to live. Life does not mean anything until it’s gone, especially to young adults. With the reality of driving and new found curfews, as well as, the temptations to drink teens are acting stupid. Young people are taken everyday and no one realizes the consequences until it is too late. By losing two of my friends this year I’ve realized that something needs to be done. The world isn’t perfect and young people and many innocent people are getting killed each day.

I know everything happens for a reason. Everyone and everything affects each other, and yet we can’t see it. It only takes one person to step up and make a change. Everything we do for others will help ourselves. With the recent natural disasters we need to realize it could be us next. By stepping up and helping we can help those who are less fortunate. By helping them we help ourselves. What goes around comes around.