This Is What I believe

Denny - Johnson City, Illinois
Entered on May 19, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

I think the learning test did somewhat portray my learning style because on my first learning test I took, it said I was an auditory learner. The second test said I was a visual learner. I agree with both of them because I like to hear things in directions and also like to see them laid out to me. When I learn something new for the first time I like to have it described to me depending on what the new thing I’m learning is. Other times I like to have things drawn out for me step-by-step and that would be the visual side of me.

Something I found interesting about the learning style tests is before this test I had known I was a visual learner but when I saw kinesthetic learning style I considered that an option for me. On neither of the tests did I score a kinesthetic learning style. I guess I was wrong about that; and the test was right, no I don’t do any of the things that I would have to do in order to be a kinesthetic learner. I am practically the total opposite. For example, kinesthetic learners feel the need to move around and can’t finish an assignment or task without moving around a little bit. I on the other hand has to have everything in order and just right so I can stay focused and finish my first task before I can even think about doing something else- not to mention get up and take a break!

Some reasons why I disagree with the test are because when I read, I don’t stop and imagine what’s going on in the book by looking in space (visual). I also disagree with my auditory score because it said that auditory learners usually have trouble with spelling and spelling isn’t that difficult for me. Other than those reasons, I think the test hit me right on the dot!