David Salomon - Fco. Morazan, Honduras
Entered on May 19, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: forgiveness


This I believe, that people are able to forgive because of love. Throughout history countries have forgiven other and have stopped wars. Countries have had big conflicts, but they have been able to forgive each other and start a good relationship. History shows us that countries are able to forgive other countries. If nations can forgive other nations, why is it so hard to forgive a brother?

My dad fought with his brother when they were kids, but it was easy to forgive then. Those fights were harmless fights. They used to do everything together: they went to school together, learned to ride bikes, they did a lot of things with each other, and they even became scouts together, and took care of each other. People could tell they were brothers and good friends. The problem came when they grew up and my grandmother died.

When she died, she left a house to my dad in her will. My uncle changed that, and said that my grandma wanted the house for the three of her child. The problem was that my dad wanted to keep the house and my uncle wanted to sell it. My dad didn’t agree with him so my uncle started getting objects out of the house without telling my dad. My uncle took the fridge and the stove. This made my dad angry, so my dad told my uncle to put things back like they were because the will stated that the house was my dad’s. My uncle told him that my grandmother wanted the house for all her kids and not just for my dad.

My dad and my uncle didn’t talk to each other for one entire year. There was a lot of tension between them. This was a big thing because it was the longest time that they had spent without speaking to each other.

One year and a half went by, when my dad ran into my uncle in the supermarket. They started talking and my uncle apologized. He said he was going to give things back and that my dad was right, the house was his. My dad was very happy that moment and told him that he was also sorry. They both kept talking like an hour. My dad hugged my uncle and things were back to normal. Today they talk a lot more, and they have become good friends again but, still sometime will go by before they become friends as when they were kids.

Forgiveness is necessary to get through life. My dad was able to forgive my uncle even though it was hard and it was a big problem. To forgive you need to love. If you forgive then, you will be forgiven. If there was no forgiveness, we wouldn’t be able to love because in every relationship there is a fight or it is not a deep relationship. People forgive because of love this I believe…